Publications & Presentations

Published Translations (in Hebrew):

  • At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden, by Yossi Klein Halevi, Keter & Bar Ilan University Press, 2007.
  • [Forthcoming] Un Secreto para Julia, a novel by Patricia Sagastizábal, Libros Press.
  • Nosotras que nos queremos tanto, a novel by Marcela Serrano, Libros Press, 2004.
  • [Forthcoming] A collection of presentations from the International Symposium on Corpus Linguistics and the Study on Modern Hebrew that took place at Emory University, Atlanta, GA, on February 3-4, 2000. Tel Aviv University Press.
  • Latin American Jewry – Essays in Honor of Haim Avni, AMILAT, Research Association for Latin America Jewry and The Avraham Harman Institute of contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2001.
  • “The Right to Dignity and the Obligation to Respect” According to the Teachings of Janusz Korczak, The Book of the Sixth International Academic Conference, The Janusz Korczak Association in Israel, 2000.
  • “Aristophanes’ Hiccoughs and Sneeze in Plato’s Symposium 189a”, Historia, Journal of the Historical Society of Israel, August ’98.

Published Original Works:

  • “Re-translating the Classics in Hebrew”, Translorial, Northern California Translators Association’s journal, Volume XXVIII, No. 1, February 2006.
  • “How Do You Say ‘I Do’ in Hebrew?” Translorial, Northern California Translators Association’s journal, Volume XXVI, No.1, February 2004; Targima, Israel Translators Association’s journal, Volume 44, November 2004.
  • “Impressions from the ITA conference”, Targima, Israel Translators Association’s journal, Volume 45, September 2005.


  • How do you say “Glee” in Hebrew? On subtitles and cultural voids; Jewish Community High School of the Bay, San Francisco, November 2012.
  • The Art of Translation, Reading new work in English, Spanish and Hebrew; San Diego Zeekend: Border Crossings, October 24-26, 2008.
  • Hebrew Enrichment Workshop, ITA Annual Conference, Haifa, Israel, January 25-27, 2005
  • Hebrew Language Workshop, ATA 45th Annual Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada, October 14-16, 2004.
  • Hebrew Language Workshop, ATA 43rd Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, November 6-9, 2002.
  • Hebrew Translation and Interpreting Training, ATA 42nd Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, October 31-November 3, 2001