Experience & Résumé

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References and samples available upon request.

US Department of State: Hebrew interpreter – simultaneous and consecutive, seminar and conference level; Hebrew translator, 2002.
Bar-Ilan University School for Translators, Israel: English-Hebrew, Spanish-Hebrew consecutive/simultaneous interpreter and translator, July 1998, July 2000.

Simultaneous Interpretation:
Business, Politics, Security, Academic, Medical, Judaism, Legal, Education


US Department of State: Presidential visit to Israel 2013, Open Government conference July 2011,Washington Peace Talks 2010, Presidential visit to Israel 2008, Annapolis Peace Conference 2007, National Institute for Standards and Technology, Maryland; Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program courses and International Visitor Leadership; program at various locations in the US.

Israeli Consulate, San Francisco: visit of Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor to Silicon Valley, 2013.

Jewish Community Federation, San Francisco: Ashalim/Echad Professional Committee meetings.

Batya Frost Interpreting, Israel: 34th Zionist Congress, The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Board of Governors meetings, Partnership 2000s, The Zionist General Council, The Israel Business Conference, The Goethe Institut Tel Aviv, World WIZO Organization, Maccabi World Union, Tel Aviv University Board of Trustees.

Ilan Steinberg Interpreting, Israel: Shalem Center, Israeli Ministry of Education (Education in the Computer Era).

Miriam Shlesinger Translations and Interpreting, Israel: Yated (Children with Down’s Syndrome).

Esther Gilon Interpreting, Israel: World Labor Movement conferences.

Simol Orkoli (1994) Ltd., Israel: Tnuva Food Corporation; Kidum, Israel and the University of Leeds, UK; Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Parker Pen Company.

Quality Translations, Israel: “Nefesh” Annual Conference.


Instituto Cervantes, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Simol Orkoli (1994) Ltd., Israel: The Municipality of Jerusalem special meeting.

Batya Frost Interpreting, Israel: 34th Zionist Congress, Maccabi World Union, Tel Aviv University Board of Trustees.

Consecutive Interpretation, English<>Hebrew:

Legal Interpretation: Court, Depositions, Arbitrations

Other: Information technology, Politics, Emerging markets, Public Relations, Marketing, Education

US Department of State: Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, International Visitor Leadership Program 2002-current.
US Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Illinois, USA vs. Marzook, March, October-November 2006.
US Attorney’s Office, Western District of Louisiana, USA vs. Vernier, April 2008.
US Attorney’s Office, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division: USA vs. Al Arian, August 2005.
Berkeley Unified School District, Berkeley.
Richard Schneider Enterprises, California
Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC
Dial-an-interpretr, California
NetWork Omni, California
Atlas Interpreters, California
Iinterpret, California
3i Interpreting, California
A to Z Translations – Interpreting, California
KERN Global Language Services, California
Sundeck Israel
Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl, Israel

Telephonic Interpretation, English<>Hebrew:
INS, Court, New York City 311, Medical appointments
Language Services Associates, Pennsylvania

Escort Interpreting, English<>Hebrew
US Department of State:
International Visitor Leadership Program at various locations in the US.


Legal, Business, Politics, Education, Technical, Healthcare, IT, Academic, Personal documentation


Andalex Translation Services, Oregon
ArchiText Inc., Massachusetts
Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, Arkansas
Atlas Translations, Cambridge, UK
Banafix Israel Ltd.
Capital Communications Group, Washington DC
David Kamian, Israel Telecom Analysis
Dr. Joanne Sonin
eLocale, Inc., Idaho
Eriksen Translations Inc., New York
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, Illinois
Future Group, Egypt
Idem Translations, Inc., California
Intergraphics, California
Inter-office, Israel
Intrepid Productions, California
JTG, Inc., Virginia
Language Connections, Brookline, Massachusetts
Language Intelligence, New York
Lexicomm International, Inc., Pennsylvania
Loq-Man Translations, California
MasterWord Services, Houston, Texas
McDonald’s Corporation, Illinois
Meridian, Translation Technologies, Israel
Net Translations, Spain
New England Translations, Massachusetts
New York-Presbyterian Columbia Medical Center
Pacolet International Translation Inc., Illinois
Professional Translating Services, Florida
Quality Translations, Israel
Ritukh, Israel
Russtech Language Services, Florida
Sally Low & Associates, California
Stoquart SA, Belgium
Techno-Graphics & Translations Inc., Illinois
The Corpus of Spoken Israeli Hebrew, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
The Janusz Korczak Association in Israel
TransXpert Inc., Illinois
Ubiqus Reporting, New York
US Department of State


Access Multilingual Services, California
Advanced Stent Technologies, California
California Translations, California
Certified Languages International LLC, Oregon
CITI Language Center Inc., Miami Beach, Florida
Continental Interpreting Services, Inc., California
EuroNet Languages Services, Inc., New York
Global Accent Translation Services, California
MasterWord Services, Houston, Texas
New England Translations, Massachusetts
OSTranslations, California
Professional Translating Services, Florida
Rennert Bilingual, Inc, New York
Rescribe, California
RWS Group, San Francisco, California
The Russian Connection Unlimited, New York
Translationlinks, Colorado
Tristan Translations, California
Vital International Programs, Inc., Michigan


AMILAT, Asociación Israelí de Investigadores del Judaísmo Latinoamericano
Amiram Gizelter, Esq.
Babel Publishers, Israel
Hever International Translators, Israel
Marcela London
Metzerplast, Israel
Officeservice, Israel
Sifrut Achsav Publishers, Israel
Spell, Israel
The Sheva Choir, Israel

Hebrew Editing and Proofreading:

Atlas Translations, London, UK.
Bowne, New York
Captions, Inc., California
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, Illinois
Confederation House, Center for Ethnic Music, Poetry and Literature, Jerusalem, Israel
Foundation of International Services, Inc., Washington.
Inlingua Princeton, New Jersey
Iverson Language Associates, Inc., Wisconsin
JTG, Inc., Virginia
Rosetta Stone, Virginia
Language Services Associates, Pennsylvania
Language Services Unlimited, Georgia
LanguageSpeak, Inc., Florida
Lexicomm International, Inc., Pennsylvania
National Geographic Channel, Washington DC
Production s.a./n.v., Belgium
Targima, ITA’s journal, Israel
Techno-Graphics & Translations Inc., Illinois
Transperfect Translations, Inc., New York
TransXpert Inc., Illinois
Yossi Klein Halevi, Israel

Hebrew Subtitling for English and Spanish:

Technicolor, California
Visual Data, California
International Contact, Inc., California
Aley Koteret Hafakot (VEF) Ltd., Israel
Ot Video Translating Studios Ltd., Israel

Hebrew Voice-over

Rosetta Stone, Virginia
International Contact, California
Amerolink Inc., Florida
Transperfect, New York
Inflight Dublin, Ireland
Brain Plasticity, Inc. CA

Localization and QA

Smartphone UIs, Telephony, Apps, Gaming
Medialocate USA, CA
LocLabs, CA
Welocalize, CA

Cultural Evaluation:

Rxmark, New York
Eriksen Translations Inc., New York
Choice Translating, Inc., North Carolina
Lexpress International, Inc, Connecticut

Evaluation and Testing:

US Department of State, Washington DC
Defense Institute of Language, Monterey, CA
New-Global Translations, New York
Language Intelligence, New York
Production s.a./n.v., Belgium
National Foreign Language Center, MD
Luz, San Francisco, CA
Medialocate USA, CA
Welocalize, CA

Hebrew Audio Transcription

Language Services Associates, Pennsylvania
LanguageWorks, Inc., New York